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New models are improvements

Our design and development department had time and inspiration. And improved the GFA hydrofilter model.
What changes have occurred?
What are the advantages of the new model?
  • The components of the labyrinth filter, which retain the main impurities, are now located in a mesh basket, which can be safely and conveniently removed even while the hydrofilter is operating.
  • The location of the nozzles has changed. It has become differentiated taking into account the location of the largest pollutants. The nozzles are now located on the calculated path of the largest pollutants. And the economy of water and the optimal water spray pressure from the nozzles - were also in previous models.

We advise you to pay attention to this, because when studying the equipment produced in other countries, we noticed that there is often insufficient water pressure for one hundred percent extinguishing of sparks.

As our experience shows, water pressure is an important thing for the hydrofilter to perform its function. Ignore it unacceptable.

  • Also, in the new hydrofilter model, it is possible to turn on washing while the hydrofilter is working - this is very convenient. That is, to perform maintenance, no you need to put out the brazier or oven. The washing of the hydrofilter takes place during the production process.
  • For the long-term operation of our equipment, we carefully consider the smallest details. For example, in new models of hydraulic filters, they began to install nozzles of improved quality and stainless steel strength.


We are constantly working on improving our equipment, studying the experience of other manufacturers, making sure that we are the best , but we do not stop there and continue to improve our products.

There are several more innovations and improvements planned. More to come.