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Hydrofilter GFA-1000

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Main specifications
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Productivity, cbm/h: 1000
Resistance, Pa: 400
Length, mm: 600
Width, mm: 300
Height, mm: 600
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Own production of hydraulic filters provides endless opportunities for technical improvement of equipment. The GFA-1000 stainless steel hydrofilter with a built-in drip catcher is the most compact and inexpensive of the automatic hydrofilters, but it has all the advantages of much more powerful models. It has all the functions of an automatic water filter:

Stages of operation of the hydrofilter:

Two water curtains moisten and extinguish sparks and flames, cool the smoke. Extinct sparks, ash and soot are deposited on the bottom of the hydraulic filter due to the pressure of the water.
Then there is a reversal of the flow of hot air and smoke above the water by 180 degrees. At the same time, extinguished sparks, ash and soot are deposited in the water due to inertia.
"Dry" ceramic labyrinth captures airborne suspension and residual pollution.
The stainless steel drift eliminator traps residual mist, drying the air stream.
At the outlet of the hydrofilter, we get air purified from soot, grease, ash, part of the smoke and smell, and cooled to +30 ... + 50 ° C.
Fire safety and air purification with a hydrofilter:
  • sparks - 100% fire safety,
  • fat, soot - 100%,
  • smell and smoke - 60%,
Process automation:
  • water circulation system;
  • automatic car wash with adjustable time relay;
  • pump for filling detergent into the system;
  • detergent dosing relay;
  • automatic filling and water level control;
  • control and automatic topping up when the water temperature is exceeded;
  • automatic discharge of dirty water when the hydrofilter is turned off;
  • the presence of a flow mode in the absence of electricity;
  • alarm for air overheating when the hydrofilter is turned off and on;
  • low water pressure alarm on nozzles;
  • the presence of a stainless steel self-cleaning coarse water filter in the system;
  • access to all elements (located inside the hydraulic filter - nozzles, level sensors, Raschig rings, drop catcher, hydraulic filter bottom) from the front part of the hydraulic filter through sealed inspection hatches.
Technical data
Productivity, cbm/h 1000
Resistance, Pa 400
Length, mm 600
Width, mm 300
Height, mm 600
Weight, kg 50
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