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Detergents for hydrofilters

Model: MK Convect
Detergent MK Convect of the Bulgarian manufacturer MY Ocean is a professional detergent for restaurant kitchens and for any industry where an open fire is used and soot and soot must be washed away. The tool is intended for washing grills and ovens. ..
Мolume, l: 10 Concentration, %: 100 pH: 13
2 500.00грн.
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Detergents for hydrofilters

When using hydraulic filters, it is necessary to properly and timely service the equipment.

If you do not do this - do not turn on the mode of washing the hydrofilter with a special detergent about once a week, then you can reach such a degree of contamination that you will have to clean the entire ventilation system later.

So to avoid this, we use special detergents.

We offer MK Convect detergent of the My Ocean brand. It has a sufficient pH level to wash soot and soot from the labyrinth filter during automatic washing.

These are professional detergents used in industrial and commercial enterprises.

In order not to deal with cleaning the entire ventilation, we buy a detergent and timely service the hydraulic filter-spark arrester.