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Buy Ukrainian

Why should you buy Ukrainian?

There are many manufacturers of hydraulic filters for ventilation in the world. Many restaurants in different countries provide clean air when operating heating equipment on coal and wood, using hydrofilters.

Being engaged in this industry, we had the opportunity to compare hydraulic filters of several foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Fifteen years ago, our company offered on the market of restaurant equipment of Ukraine Spanish stoves - hospers of the trade mark Mibrasa and to them hydrofilters of the trade mark Yatagan.

We were the exclusive representatives of both brands.

After another economic crisis and a decrease in the value of the hryvnia, prices for imported equipment have risen sharply. Many restaurateurs could no longer afford to buy a hosper. Sales fell.

The Ukrainian market reacted to this quite quickly. Several Ukrainian manufacturers of food equipment made of stainless steel have already started producing Ukrainian hospers at a price suitable for our economic conditions.

The consumer liked the price/quality ratio. And we began to cooperate with such manufacturers. For a period of time, we supplied Ukrainian hospers with Yatagan hydraulic filters. But the sky-high price of hydraulic filters slowed down the process.

Ukrainian-made hydraulic filters began to appear on the market.

Having installed several hydrofilters in public catering establishments, we realized that despite the quite satisfactory price, there are a number of disadvantages that make operation difficult.

This realization forced us to start our own production of hydrofilters.

And our chief designer, with the help of several other specialists from different fields, developed a model of the ideal hydraulic filter, taking into account all the shortcomings that did not suit us in the hydraulic filters of other manufacturers.

It often happens that the manufacturer of hospers and braziers also begins to produce hydrofilters, because this is related equipment, a set, so to speak. But it should be noted that these are completely different directions. For thermal equipment, the thickness of the metal that can withstand high temperatures, the accuracy of welding, and the resistance of materials are of great importance. And in the production of hydraulic filters, electrical and plumbing works, precise engineering calculations and automation come to the fore. That is, it is better to branch out in these directions. We believe that the future of production lies in specialization and differentiation.

Also, in order to reduce the price, manufacturers often use lower quality materials than required for smooth operation. We don't do that. No painted black steel. Only food grade stainless steel. Nothing that can oxidize or rust. Or break during operation and stop performing its function properly.

Time-proven construction, reliable components of European manufacturers, and maximum automation of all processes are important for the high-quality operation of the equipment, so that the worker who switches the hydraulic filter on and off has no chance of making a mistake.

Now we are completely satisfied with the quality of our products. And the price, which is much lower than imported counterparts, is due to the reduction of logistics costs, the absence of customs payments and VAT for imported goods.

And also thanks to meticulously balanced technological processes in production.

We have the option of production according to an individual project.

At the exhibition of restaurant equipment in Milan, our technicians looked at the internal structure of European water filters. And they remained dissatisfied. We are used to stronger parts and more reliable structural components. In our hydrofilters, the internal contents are securely fastened, strong and organized, so it's a pleasure to look at.

But European hydraulic filters are more beautiful from the outside - because they have a surface treated in a special way. And no one, except our designer, looked inside.

Therefore, we advise you to buy Ukrainian, because we are an industrial country, we have good specialists and modern technologies. High-quality European components and skilled Ukrainian specialists are the best combination. And no overpayments compared to imported equipment!