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Hydraulic filter individual performance

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Article hydraulic filter individual performance

We, like any sensible manufacturer, try to standardize our products.

There is a long-designed line of standard hydraulic filters:

high quality materials,

components and components from European manufacturers proven for ten years,

optimal dimensions that allow the attachment of a hydrofilter to any ventilation system,

every detail is thought out from the point of view of convenience for the user.


Our designers often have to deal with non-standard configurations of hydraulic filters.

Why is this happening?

And because everything was already designed, stoves were bought and installed. And here, like Philip from hemp, flame and soot from a hosper, pompeika or brazier.

And the favorite business of our designers begins - snuggling and snuggling.

That is, we develop an individual project for the customer.

At the same time, ready-made standard hydraulic filters are waiting in the warehouse, which can be installed and work for everyone's joy in a week or two.

The second most common case is when the room or ceiling is either too small or has a complex configuration.

Any restaurant owner dreams of a restaurant that is built according to a good project of a fashionable architect and impresses the eye with the sophistication of architecture and modern and convenient construction. But most often, as they say, it did not happen as expected. The development and commercial rental market dictates its terms. So we find the premises that are conveniently located, suitable for us in terms of price, size and compliance with the concept. And we order a hydraulic filter of individual design.

Or we have a restaurant that has been operating for so long that it has lost its interest and popularity. Such a restaurant needs a change of image and a creative rethinking of the idea of the establishment.

And what is currently popular in the restaurant business? What always hits the mark?

Time and demand dictate their conditions. The most popular thing in Susa restaurants is live fire: braziers, hospers, Pompeian ovens, Argentinian grills and other options of kitchen heat equipment on wood and coal.

And during the initial planning of the previous institution, of course, no hydraulic filter for ventilation was planned.

Therefore, our designers, together with the designers of the customer or the ventilation campaign working for the customer, begin to study the building - where should it be tucked, that hydraulic filter?

And we always find the best place from the point of view of uninterrupted operation of the equipment, but not always convenient from the point of view of installation.

There were cases when water filters were mounted very high under the ceiling, on some construction scaffolding. There was a case of embedding a hydraulic filter in some large ventilation pipe.

Mounted in some ceiling recesses or niches. That is, the hydrofilter was installed in the ventilation system of the restaurant where it was possible.

When designing a hydrofilter individually, according to the customer, it is necessary to set the dimensions of the product, the location of the inlets and outlets for water and electricity very precisely. Almost every millimeter matters.

That is why we sign with the customer the TOR, the technical task, which is an integral part of the Agreement.

The hydrofilter can be not only of non-standard sizes, but also of non-standard shape. Some protrusions or recesses complicate the work of the designer.

You may have some unusual connection to the electrical network, or the location of the water pipe.

There may be additional requirements for the ventilation system, which may affect the location of the hydrofilter in the restaurant.

Finally, you can have a chef with an out-of-the-box way of thinking and his own vision of your restaurant's kitchen and work processes in it.

Our task is to calculate, predict and arrange everything optimally.

It is necessary to carefully calculate how changes in standard dimensions and standard location will affect the performance of the hydraulic filter. The main indicators are pressure and power.

In modern military conditions, an additional component has appeared - it is necessary to calculate how connecting through a generator or a charging station will affect the operation of the hydraulic filter.

Additional design, one-time cutting and welding of stainless steel according to an individual project, the complexity of individual installation - this is all additional time and money.

But fire safety is not something that can be neglected.

So, apply and get your world's best hydraulic filter by individual design.