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Hydrofilter GFL-3000

  • Brand: ASSARI
  • Product Code: GFL-3000
  • Sku: GFL-3000
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Main specifications
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Productivity, cbm/h: 3000
Resistance, Pa: 400
Length, mm: 900
Width, mm: 800
Height, mm: 950
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Buy hydraulic filter

To buy a hydraulic filter, you need to determine what bandwidth is required.
Most often they buy a model GFL-3000. To ensure the fire safety of the average restaurant when working on a josper furnace, a throughput of 3000 m3 per hour is sufficient.
A semi-automatic model is cheaper than a full machine. Therefore, buying a hydraulic filter with a manual washing is more economical. If conscientious staff carefully monitors the need to turn on the washing mode, then the GFL-3000 is a great choice!
You can order and buy hydraulic filters for air purification from barbecues, jospers, Argentinean grills, robats, pizza ovens on wood produced directly from our manufacturing company or from our dealers - ventilation companies.

Five Steps for Extinguishing Sparks and Flames

Primary water curtain.

Breaks, dampens and extinguishes sparks.

Extinguishes the flame which has got to the device, cools a smoke.

U-turn of a stream over water 90 degrees.

Precipitates extinct sparks, ash and soot in water due to inertia.

The second oncoming water curtain. It stops extinct sparks, ash and soot and grease due to the oncoming flow and deposits them in water, cools the smoke.

U-turn of a stream over water 90 degrees.

Precipitates extinct sparks, ash and soot in water due to inertia.

A “dry” ceramic labyrinth traps the droplet phase and residual contaminants.

At the exit of the hydraulic filter we get air purified from soot, grease, ash, part of the smoke and smell, cooled to 40-50 C.

Why is it necessary to buy a hydraulic filter for a restaurant?

  1. Fire safety - 100%;
  2. Purification of air from soot, grease and tar up to 95%, protects ventilation from pollution and, consequently, saves on cleaning ducts, reduces emissions into the environment
  3. Air purification from smell and smoke up to 60-65%; less environmental pollution
  4. Air cooling to 40-50 degrees Celsius; saving on duct material and fan
  5. ;No problems with permitting authorities;
  6. Possibility of discharging air into the general ventilation.

Technical data
Productivity, cbm/h 3000
Resistance, Pa 400
Length, mm 900
Width, mm 800
Height, mm 950
Weight, kg 100
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