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Hydrofilter GFL-2000

  • Brand: Carboma
  • Product Code: GFL-2000
  • Sku: GFL-2000
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Main specifications
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Productivity, cbm/h: 2000
Resistance, Pa: 400
Length, mm: 900
Width, mm: 590
Height, mm: 950
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The GFL-2000 hydraulic filter is a semi-automatic hydraulic filter with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters per hour. Quite compact hydraulic filter compared to larger models. Good water filter for hosper and brazier.

Hydrofilters are hydraulic spark arresters for air cleaning. They are used for barbecues, hospers, Argentine grills, robots, wood-fired pizza ovens.

Stages of the hydraulic filter:

1. Primary water curtain. Breaks, wets and extinguishes sparks. Extinguishes the flame entering the product, cools the smoke.

2. Reversal of the flow over the water by 90 degrees. It precipitates extinguished sparks, ash and soot in water due to inertia.

3. The second opposite water curtain. Stops extinguished sparks, ash, soot and fat due to the oncoming flow and deposits them in water, cools the smoke.

4. Turning the flow over the water by 90 degrees. Deposition of extinguished sparks, soot and soot into water due to inertia.

5. "Dry" ceramic labyrinth catches the drop phase and residual contamination. At the exit from the hydrofilter, we get air cleaned of soot, fat, ash, some smoke and odor, cooled to 30oC.

Advantages of using hydraulic filters:

  • Fire safety - 100%;
  • Purification of air from fat, grease and degree up to 100%, protects ventilation from pollution and, accordingly, there are savings on the cleanliness of air ducts, emissions into the environment are reduced.
  • Air purification from odor and smoke up to 60-65%; environmental pollution and environmental friendliness are reduced.
  • Air cooling to 30 degrees Celsius; savings on duct and fan material;
  • The possibility of releasing air into the general ventilation.
Technical data
Productivity, cbm/h 2000
Resistance, Pa 400
Length, mm 900
Width, mm 590
Height, mm 950
Weight, kg 70
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Працюю барістою в ресторані з встановленним GFL-2000.
В ресторані чисте повітря і пожежна безпека.
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Дякуємо за ваш відгук.
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