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Hydrofilter GF-3000

  • Brand: ASSARI
  • Product Code: GF-3000
  • Sku: GF-3000
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Main specifications
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Productivity, cbm/h: 3000
Resistance, Pa: 400
Length, mm: 900
Width, mm: 800
Height, mm: 950
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Hydrofilter GF-3000 is the most popular hydrofilter in the GF range.

Hydrofilter GF-3000, like and used hydrofilter of the GF model range, on the front of the GFL and GFA, working as a leak. Tobto potіk water to pass the crisis hydrofilter with a strong stream.

Such a way of sparkling gas is suitable for foreign restaurants in the upper Sverdlovinas.

Productivity of 3000 cubic meters per year - the most cited productivity of a hydrofilter for any kind of food.

Stages of work and hydrofilter:

The water curtain dampens and extinguishes the sparks and the half-light, cools. Besieged sparks, sang and boiled at the bottom of the hydrofilter for the pressure of the water.

The "dry" ceramic labyrinth catches a reddened-mottled suspension and an excess of fermentation.

At the exit from the hydrofilter, it is necessary to repeat, cleaned from soot, fat, ash, part of the smoke and smell, and cooled down to +30 ... + 50 ° C.

Pozhezhnaya bezpeka and cleaning with a hydrofilter:

spark - 100% fire safety,

fat, soot - 95%,

the smell of ta dim - 60%.

Craple catcher made of stainless steel, which catches excess water curtain, dangling sweat, is optionally installed in GF hydrofilters.

Technical data
Productivity, cbm/h 3000
Resistance, Pa 400
Length, mm 900
Width, mm 800
Height, mm 950
Weight, kg 70
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