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Circulation system for scrubber

Model: CS-50/2
The circulation system for the scrubber is externally a stainless steel table, in the middle of which the entire mechanism and automation is built. The stainless surface of the table can be used by cooks for  your needs.The water circulation sys..
Power consumption, kW: 0,6 Length, mm: 800 Width, mm: 700 Height, mm: 950 Weight, kg: 90
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Circulation system for scrubber

If necessary, we manufacture and sell the circulation system for the automatic scrubber separately.

If you have purchased a flow-through hydrofilter (a hydrofilter in which water flows continuously) of any manufacturer, you can make it automatic and economical with the help of our circulation system.

The water recovery system in our circulation system will help you not to pour tons of water down the drain, but to consume responsibly and save money.

When water pours into the scrubber continuously, 200-300 cubic meters are consumed, depending on the water pressure. With a circulation system, the scrubber consumes 100 liters per day. Calculate the annual savings!

 If you have purchased a flow-through scrubber or a scrubber - a water curtain, and it has been a long time since then, or not much, but you have already noticed that your water consumption is colossal, our circulation system will save you, which is designed to solve exactly such issues.

    What processes does the circulation system automate?
  • water circulation itself;
  • automatic washer with an adjustable time relay;
  • operation of the detergent injection pump into the system;
  • the operation of the dosing relay for the filling of the detergent;
  • there is automatic filling and water level control;
  • there is control and automatic topping up when the water temperature is exceeded;
  • automatic draining of the used water when the scrubber is turned off;
  • there is also a flow mode in case of a power outage;
  • there is an air overheating alarm when the scrubber is turned off and on;
  • there is an alarm when the water pressure on the nozzles is reduced;
  • a stainless steel pre-cleaning filter is available to clean the water in the system.
  • Pay attention to the function of automatic washing of the scrubber with dosed filling of detergent. This function is not possible for flow-through scrubbers and water curtain-type scrubbers. And this problem is also solved by our circulatory system.