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Hydraulic Filter Installation

Service maintenance of the hydraulic filter in Kyiv and the region can be ordered from us.

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Installation of a hydraulic filter is done by a ventilation company or our installation specialists. In order to correctly install the hydraulic filter, it is necessary in advance, before ordering the equipment, to determine the necessary technical characteristics of the hydraulic filter. In order for the hydraulic filter to fulfill its protective functions, it is necessary to regularly perform maintenance.

Hydraulic Filter Installation

You bought a hydraulic filter for the barbecue and want to install and connect it correctly?

Installation of a hydraulic filter, as mentioned above, is carried out by a ventilation company that mounts ventilation for the restaurant when it is launched. Before ordering a hydraulic filter, consult with your ventilation specialists regarding the planned hydraulic filter capacity, size and shape of the ventilation pipe connectors that will be connected to it. This is the information necessary for ordering.

If the restaurant is already working and all ventilation work in it has long been completed, but you have purchased a josper, grilled charcoal or barbecue, then installation of a hydraulic filter for the barbecue, etc. will be produced by our specialists. And they will also perform all the necessary additional work on installing and installing the hydraulic filter in the ventilation system.

Hydraulic Filter Installation

How to properly install the hydraulic filter?

We will not write detailed instructions for installers in this article, but indicate the main points that need to be understood by the owner or director of the restaurant, as well as the chef, grill master and other employees who will be relevant to the order and operation of the hydraulic filter.

The hydraulic filter can be installed on the floor, on the wall or on the ceiling. It depends on where it is convenient to allocate a place, or where there is free space, depends on the design of the kitchen and ventilation, the installation site of the hydraulic filter in each case is determined individually. Depending on the installation location, the hydraulic filter is attached:

  • On the floor - on the stand.
  • On the wall - on the brackets.
  • On the ceiling - stilettos.

When installing a hydraulic filter, water and sewage are connected to it:

  • The flow of water from the water supply should go by gravity, without pumps and pumping devices.
  • At the exit to the sewer, it is necessary to install a grease filter so that the sewage does not become clogged with fat from the prepared food.
  • The outlets must be sealed so that no water spills through them.
  • We now produce the GFA model hydrofilter with built-in droplet eliminators. And for GFL model hydrofilters, if dripping is disturbed at the ventilation outlets, an optional droplet eliminator can be installed.

Hydraulic Filter Service

How is the hydraulic filter serviced?

In order for the hydraulic filter to fulfill its protective functions, it is necessary to regularly perform maintenance.

If you have purchased an automatic hydrofilter of the GFA model, then service is carried out easily and simply. Once a week, or two weeks, depending on the load of the equipment, you automatically wash the hydraulic filter, including it in the washing mode on the control panel.

To enable the washing of the GFA model hydraulic filter from the operating mode, you must:

  • Extinguish the fire in the barbecue (grills, stoves, ovens).
  • Turn off the fan in the ventilation system. If the fan was connected to the water filter when installing the water filter (there is such an option), then when the washing mode is turned on, the fan will turn off automatically. This is convenient in cases where the fan is located far from the hydraulic filter, and it takes a lot of time and effort to turn it off. If the fan works autonomously, it must be checked that it is turned off, so that in the mode of washing the hydraulic filter, the fan does not suck in dirty water, which will then spill out of the ventilation system.
  • Lower the tube from the detergent injection pump into the detergent canister, which can be purchased from us.
  • Turn on the washing mode on the hydraulic filter with the blue button. After three hours of washing, the hydraulic filter automatically switches to working mode.

All. Service maintenance of the hydraulic filter is over. You are well done!

For GFA models from 2023:

You just need to press the button. There is no need to turn off anything!!!!

If you purchased a GFL model hydrofilter, the washing mode is activated as follows:

  • It should completely, as in the previous case, extinguish the fire in the oven or barbecue.
  • Turn off the fan in the ventilation system.
  • Using a special funnel, pour the detergent into the dosage in accordance with the instructions.
  • Open the tap for washing the hydraulic filter and note the time.
  • After three hours, turn off the sink tap and restart the hydraulic filter.

It should be noted that wood-based equipment requires maintenance more often than coal-fired equipment.

Because firewood emits more burning and soot than coal. When calculating the service life of a hydraulic filter, this point should be taken into account.

For specialists installing the hydraulic filter:

- in addition to the information in the Instructions, you can always contact us by phone +380985554848 or by any other contacts listed on the site. In case of any difficulties, we are always ready to carry out the installation supervision of the hydraulic filter.